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Department & Report Line: Department/Team: Site Project Management Direct Report: Report to Director Key Roles:

Department & Report Line:
Department/Team:               Site Project Management
Direct Report:                        Report to Project Manager

Key Roles:
Key Roles of Site Manager are to support PM to assign work and monitor day-to-day operations on site to meet the same goals as specified in Project Manager’s Roles & Responsibilities.

Core Responsibilities:

  • On behalf of Project Manager, take control of construction work of the entire site of project, including those of in-house manpower and sub-contractors.
  • Prepare, execute and manage detailed “Project Execution Plan”, including scheduling from start to end. Manage work breakdown structure to days.
  • Study, understand, familiarize the project requirements in accordance with the contract documents and and review them from time to time.
  • Work with QA/QC Manager and Safety Manager to ensure a good working environment ; issue guidelines/programs to ensure strict implementation for achieving set goals.
  • Manage and coordinate with subcontractors and suppliers to obtain materials, equipment and work to achieve project milestones.
  • Monitor statutory inspections to ensure they are undertaken in accordance with the programs and meet project objectives.
  • Regularly undertake site visits to identify areas where performance can be improved; to follow up on such areas for improvement.
  • Supervise installation in accordance with job specifications and customer requirements
  • Attend meetings as required.
  • Period report to Project Manager.
  • Monthly Employee Performance Appraisal (EPA) as required by company.
  • Additional roles and responsibilities assigned from by Project Manager.

Basic Personnel Qualifications:

  • Minimum BS degree in Civil Engineering or equivalent.
  • Minimum 05 years of working experience in construction project management with similar position, project type and scale.
  • Good English skill: reading, speaking and writing.
  • Special requirements to be in line with project.
  • Demonstrate a keen ability for innovation, accuracy and a do-things-right-first-time mindset.
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