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Industrial Construction

Factories, Warehouses, Silos, etc.

Building factories is the expertise of Trung Dung Construction, who has built a wide range of factories for the production of :

- Electronic parts/components - Garment
- Mechanical parts/components - Footwear
- Food and agricultural products - Chemicals
- Building materials - Cosmetics
- Porcelain and pottery - Pharmaceuticals
- Tanned leather - Packaging
Besides, Trung Dung Construction also has experience in building Cold Warehouses for food and drug storage.
In the industrial construction, Trung Dung Construction has made strong reputation in almost all focal industrial parks such as the Saigon High-Tech Park (HCM City), Dong Nam Industrial Park (HCM City), Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Park (Binh Duong), Mapletree Business City (Binh Duong), Song Than Industrial Park (Binh Duong), My Phuoc Industrial Park (Binh Duong), Phu My 1 Industrial Park (Ba Ria-Vung Tau), My Xuan A Industrial Park (Ba Ria-Vung Tau), Amata Industrial Park (Dong Nai), Linh Trung 3 Export Processing Zone (Tay Ninh), etc..
Trung Dung Construction has also carried out some important projects where the requirements, especially technical ones, are challenging and demanding by international investors such as Jabil Vietnam Co. Ltd. (USA), First Solar Vietnam Co. Ltd. (USA), Allied Technologies (Saigon) Co.Ltd. (USA-Singapore), Harris Freeman Vietnam Co. Ltd. (USA-India), Diethelm Vietnam Co.Ltd. (Switzerland), My Xuan Ceramic Co.Ltd. (France), etc…
Given the number and scale of projects carried out, Trung Dung Construction has become a trusted partner for local and international investors and consultants, gaining their confidence and loyalty. Many investors have rewarded Trung Dung Construction for their successive projects.

No. Project Business Type Employer Contract value
( Billion VND )
Construction duration
1 Jabil Vietnam Factory
(Saigon Hi-Tech Park, HCMC)
Manufacturing Electronic Equipment Jabil Vietnam Co.Ltd. (USA) 500 2011-2012 
2 Mapletree Business City @ Binh Duong – Phase 1B (Binh Duong Province) Real Estate Mapletree Business City (Vietnam) Co.Ltd. (Singapore) 250 2011-2012 
3 First Solar Factory (HCM City) Manufacturing PV Solar Modules First Solar Vietnam Co.Ltd. (USA) 200 2011 
4 Bunge Soybean Crushing Plant
(Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province)
Manufacturing Soybean Oil & Soybean Meal Bunge Vietnam Co.Ltd. (USA) 190 2010-2011 
5 Liwayway Food Factory – Phase 2,4, Renovation (Binh Duong Province) Manufacturing Food & Beverage Liwayway JS Company
(The Philippines)
29 2000/2006/ 2009-2011 
6 Mapletree Business City @ Binh Duong – Phase 1A (Binh Duong Province) Real Estate Mapletree Business City (Vietnam) Co.Ltd. (Singapore) 120 2010 
7 TOA Warehouse Expansion
(Binh Duong Province)
Manufacturing Paints and Chemicals TOA Vietnam Paint Co.Ltd. (Thailand) 18 2010 
8 Harris Freeman Vietnam Factory – Phase 1 (Binh Duong Province) Manufacturing Tea & Spice Harris Freeman Vietnam Co.Ltd. (USA-India) 60  2009-2010 
9 Kian Joo Canpack Vietnam Factory (Binh Duong Province) Manufacturing Canned Beverages Kian Joo Canpack Vietnam Co.Ltd. (Japan-Malaysia) 60  2008 
10 Dexin Leather (Vietnam) Factory
(Linh Trung 3 EPZ, Tay Ninh Prov.)
Manufacturing Tanned Leather Dexin Leather Vietnam Co.Ltd. (China) 26 2007-2008 
11 Box Pak Vietnam Factory- Phase 1,3 (Binh Duong Province) Manufacturing Packaging Products Box Pak Vietnam Co.Ltd. (Malaysia) 84  2003-2004/ 2007-2008 
12 Diethelm Vietnam Office & Warehouse – Phase 1, 3 (Binh Duong Province) Logistics Diethelm Vietnam Co.Ltd. (Switzerland) 58 2004/ 2007-2008 
13 Chutex Garment Factory – Phase 1, 2, 3 (Binh Duong Province) Manufacturing Garment Chutex International Co.Ltd. (UK-Singapore) 107  2001/ 2003/ 2007 
14 My Xuan Ceramic Factory
(Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province)
Manufacturing Porcelain & Pottery My Xuan Ceramic Co.Ltd. (France) 72  2006-2007 
15 8 Nos of Square Concrete Silos
(Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province)
Manufacturing Flour Vietnam Flour Mill Ltd. (Malaysia) 2006 
16 Unza Factory Expansion
(Binh Duong Province)
Manufacturing Personal Care Products Unza Vietnam Co.Ltd.
22  2005 
17 APM Springs Factory
(Binh Duong Province)
Manufacturing Leaf Springs & Auto Parts APM Springs (Vietnam) Co.Ltd. (Malaysia) 9 2005 
18 Kingmaker Footwear Factory
– Phase 1, 2, 3 (Binh Duong Province)
Manufacturing Footwear Kingmaker Footwear (Vietnam) Co.Ltd.
(Hong Kong)
130  2000/ 2002/ 2004-2005 
19 Allied Technologies (Saigon) Factory (Saigon Hi-Tech Park, HCMC) Manufacturing Electronic Equipment & Inject. Moulds Allied Technologies (Saigon) Co.Ltd.
200  2004-2005 
20 Kian Joo Can Vietnam Factory
– Phase 2 (Binh Duong Province)
Manufacturing Cans for Packaging Kian Joo Can (Vietnam) Co.Ltd. (Malaysia) 20 2004 
21 White Horse Warehouse – Phase 1C Manufacturing Ceramic Tiles White Horse Ceramic Industries (VN) Co.Ltd. (Malaysia) 7 2003 
22 Mekong Flour Mills Factory
(Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province)
Manufacturing Flour Mekong Flour Mills Ltd. (Malaysia) 52 2002-2003 
23 CEI Factory (Binh Duong Province) Manufacturing Electronic Parts CEI International Investment (VN) Ltd. (Singapore) 2002 
24 La Roche Vitamins Factory
(Binh Duong Province)
Manufacturing Vitamins Roche Vitamins Asia Pacific Pte.Ltd. (Switzerland) 6 2001 
25 Dongyun Plate Making Factory
(Binh Duong Province)
Manufacturing Printing Parts Dongyun Plate Making Co.Ltd. (Hong Kong-China) 16 2001