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Corporate Capability

1. Trung Dung Construction Co., Ltd. (TDC) is a private-owned company of medium size and has been 18 years in construction business. Since the very beginning, TDC has tried to build up its company culture and construction image, basing mainly on teamwork, client’s satisfaction and compliance with Environment-Health-Safety (EHS) requirements by well developed countries such as USA, EU, Japan, etc.

Over the years, TDC has unceasingly been developing to take on projects of various sectors: infrastructural, industrial and residential & commercial. In industrial sector, TDC has made exceeding progress from building factories/warehouses for clients mainly coming from Asia to building those of very high requirements for clients coming from USA, EU, Japan, etc.

In addition to its ever-sound financial status, TDC has received strong supports from some important banks such as Asia Commercial Bank, Eximbank, Sacombank, etc. who are willing to give funding for projects of any scale. With these financial supports, TDC has taken on bigger and bigger projects and its revenues increase every year. TDC’s revenue in 2011 is about 500 Billion VND (# 25 Million USD) and the revenue in 2012is expected about 600 Billion VND (# 30 Million USD).

2. TDC has always delivered projects in good condition, on schedule, within budget and at clients’ total satisfaction. For this achievement, TDC has constantly improved its human resource, its technology & equipment, and its management system.

Human resource:
TDC considers human resource is the most important factor for its development and success. Apart from local staff, who have been constantly trained to have better management and better workmanship, TDC also employs international experts to help re-structure and operate the company in accordance with international standards.

Technology & equipment:
TDC always pays attention to the improvement of its technology and equipment, which assure the project quality and schedule, and it is willing to invest in suitable technology and equipment for required work. Recently, TDC has invested in American laser technology and specialized equipment for making flat concrete floors for First Solar project, where it has built a gigantic concrete floor of over 100,000 m2 in 3 months, meeting strict requirements of FM2-TR34 standards.

Management system:
TDC always improves its management system for both office and construction site, considering it as vital factor to secure success of any project.
TDC is now implementing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system to better control all its resources in office and at sites and their inter-relations.

3. TDC has carried out many projects with different roles as General Contractor, Main Contractor or C&S Sub-Contractor.

General Contractor: TDC takes on all construction works for the whole project: C&S, MEP, steel structure, finishing, etc.  TDC has long-term professional partners acting as its sub-contractors whom it has coordinated very well with for MEP works, steel structure works, finishing works, etc. Some typical projects TDC performs as a General Contractor are Jabil Vietnam Factory valued 500 Billion VND (# 25 Million USD), The Canary Residence – Phase 2 valued 280 Billion VND (# 14 Million USD), Mapletree Business City – Phase 1A & 1B valued 380 Billion VND (# 19 Million USD).

Main Contractor: Apart from its C&S works, TDC coordinates well with all the sub-contractors, including ones nominated by clients, to complete projects successfully. TDC has been Main Contractor for almost all projects it has carried out such as Bunge Soybean Crushing Plant valued 180 Billion VND ( # 9 Million USD ), Allied Factory valued 200 Billion VND (# 10 Million USD), Chutex Garment Factory valued 100 Billion VND (# 5  Million USD), Kingmaker Footwear Factory valued 140 Billion VND (# 7 Million USD), etc.

C&S Sub-Contractor: TDC can also participate in projects as a C&S Sub-Contractor, especially for big projects where international General/Main Contractors are often preferred by clients. For example, First Solar Factory with the General Contractor M+W. Though as a Sub-Contractor for this project, the package of flat concrete floor TDC has done amounts to 200 Billion VND (# 10 Million USD).

4. Trung Dung Construction (TDC) possesses a valuable workforce, including experienced & creative managers, engineers, international experts and high-skill workers. Well-equipped with modern machinery and equipment, TDC is fully capable to coordinate and carry out all kinds of construction works with good workmanship, delivering products of good quality in terms of both function and appearance.


  1. Piling works
  2. Foundation works
  3. Column works
  4. Wall works
  5. Masonry works
  6. Floor works
  7. Slab works
  8. Waterproofing works
  9. Curtain wall works
  10. MEP works
  11. Steel structure works
  12. Infrastructure works
  13. Landscape works
  14. Finishing works
  15. Floor making equipment