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Kingmaker Footwear ( Vietnam) Factory – Manufactory 03, water tank, bin center, glue house


Project: Kingmaker Footwear ( Vietnam) Factory – Manufactory 03, water tank, bin center, glue house

Location: Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park 1, Binh Duong, Vietnam.

Project details: Kingmaker Footwear Factory is equipped with 8 assembly lines with an annual output of about 5,000,000 pairs of shoes. About 4,000 people are employed in the production facilities and offices at the factory. In 2014, Kingmaker Footwear (Vietnam) Factory increased its production capacity by expanding the existing manufactory, constructing new manufactories and facilities buildings.


Kingmaker Footwear (Vietnam) Co.,Ltd.
Kingmaker Footwear (Vietnam) Co.,Ltd. is a subsidiary of Kingmaker Footwear Holdings Limited (KFHL), which has 30 years of footwear manufacturing experience. KFHL, which employs about 12,000 people worldwide, has 11 manufacturing plants: 5 in Hong Kong and Taiwan, 3 in China, 2 in Vietnam and 1 in Cambodia. Kingmaker’s products are sold all over the world.


Status: Main contractor

Scope of works:

  • 4- floor factory
  • Underground water tank, bin center,  glue house
  • Structural works including foundation, frame, upper floor, structural steel works, roof construction, staircase construction, etc.
  • All architectural works i.e. external works, doors & windows, partitions, external & internal wall finishes, floor finishes, ceiling finishes, roof finishes & rainwater goods, sundries, etc.
  • External sewer drainage & water supply including all necessary connection works to existing water main
  • Internal sanitary & plumbing works including sanitary wares and fitting

Construction works: Bed-plate foundation construction; Building (RC structure-architecture-finishings

Contract value: # 11,7 billion VND ( # 550,000 USD )

Starting date: 06/2014

Proposed completion date: 03/2015