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King Riches Footwear ( Vietnam) Factory – Factory 3


Project: King Riches Footwear ( Vietnam) Factory – Factory 3

Location: VietnamSingaporeIndustrial Park 1,Quang Ngai,Vietnam.

Project details: King Riches Footwear Factory Project is the 2nd project Kingmaker Footwear Group Corporation (Taiwan) invest in Vietnam (the 1st project in VSIP Binh Duong), through King Riches (Vietnam) Footwear Co., Ltd – the Group’s subsidiary. The initial investment capital is $ 20 million on a land area of ​​24.6 hectares. In the near future the investment capital will be increased to U.S. $ 30 – 50 million and the project will contribute to solve jobs for 9,000 to 20,000 employees.

Owner: King Riches Footwear (Vietnam) Co.,Ltd.
King Riches Footwear (Vietnam) Co.,Ltd. is a subsidiary of Kingmaker Footwear Holdings Limited (KFHL), which has 30 years of footwear manufacturing experience. KFHL, which employs about 12,000 people worldwide, has 11 manufacturing plants: 5 in Hong Kong andTaiwan, 3 inChina, 2 inVietnam and 1 inCambodia. Kingmaker’s products are sold all over the world.


Status: Main contractor

Scope of works:

  • 3- floor factory
  • Structural works including foundation, frame, upper floor, structural steel works, roof construction, staircase construction, etc.
  • All architectural works i.e. external works, doors & windows, partitions, external & internal wall finishes, floor finishes, ceiling finishes, roof finishes & rainwater goods, sundries, etc.
  • External sewer drainage & water supply including all necessary connection works to existing water main
  • Internal sanitary & plumbing works including sanitary wares and fittings

Construction works: Bed-plate foundation construction; Building (RC structure-architecture-finishing

Contract value: # 23 billion VND ( # 1,060,000 USD )

Starting date: 06/2015

Proposed completion date: 3/2016