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Construction Of Silo Foundations (Mass Concreting)

Mass concrete can pose many challenges. One of the biggest challenges is the generation of high heat which can cause serious problems.

In any mass concrete application, temperatures rise through heat of hydration. As the inner concrete rises in temperature, the outer concrete may be cooling and contracting; if the temperature varies too much within the structure, the material can crack. A variety of factors influence temperature changes, including the size of the component, the amount of reinforcement, the ambient temperature, the initial temperature of the concrete at time of placement and curing procedure.

Trung Dung Construction (TDC) has practical experience in completing six massive concrete silo supporting foundations for Bunge Soybean Crushing Plant project. Bunge is the largest of its kind in Vietnam.

About 30,000 m3 of concrete has been consumed to build these six mass concrete supporting foundations and ancillary parts for six silos which can contain about 60,000 tons of soya beans.

Many technical measures have been taken to control the inner-outer temperature difference of the concrete structure to avoid cracking and concrete separation that lead to undesirable quality of the foundations.

Many management measures have also been taken to assure the casting success and working safety. Hundreds of agitator truck turns have been mobilized to supply concrete for each casting stage.

After an exceptional dedication, TDC has completed the six silo supporting foundations in good condition and in stringent schedule of 4 months, delivering them to Bunge at their total satisfaction.