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Construction Of Flat Concrete Floors

1. What Clients expect from the concrete floor:

  • Crack avoidance
  • Flat and level surface
  • Quality consistency: Even compaction for the whole concrete floor
  • No deterioration of surface of floor laid with tiles, marble, granite, etc. on top
  • Cost saving: Saving mortar when laying tiles, marble, granite, etc. on top
  • Cost saving: Low maintenance of floor and materials handling equipment 
2. How to meet Clients’ expectations of the floor:
The above expectations of Clients cannot be met with normal floor making equipment and technology which local contractors have.
To meet Clients’ expectations of the floor, with the spirit of “Passion for Innovations”, Trung Dung Construction (TDC) has pioneered to acquire laser technology and American state-of-the-art equipment for making flat floors from ANCON Australia, a famous supplier in Asia.
3. Benefits of Flat Concrete Floor:
For industrial floor, eg. factory, warehouse, etc:

  • Safety: more stable movement of forklifts & vehicles
  • Efficiency: faster movement of vehicles and operation
  • Maintenance: lower cost in terms of wear and tear of forklifts and floor
  • Cost saving: space saving in terms of maximum racking height

For commercial floor, eg. supermarket, shopping mall, showroom, hospital, etc.

  • Aesthetic look: flat and smooth surface enhancing floor/color appearance
  • Comfort: of customers and visitors
  • Maintenance: much lower cost compared to conventional floor

For both industrial and commercial floor:

  • The mortar toppings of flat floors can be eliminated. All final finishes, eg. tiles of any kind (ceramic, ESD, vinyl), marble, granite, carpet, etc., can be laid directly onto the floors without mortar.
  • The elimination of mortar toppings leads to big cost & time savings and no deterioration of floor surface.
4. Flat Concrete Floor Making Equipment of TDC:

  • SOMERO Power Rakes
  • SOMERO Laser Screeds
  • ALLEN Walk-Behind Trowels
  • ALLEN Ride-On Trowels
  • ALLEN Tools
  • FACE Dipstick for floor flatness measurement (TR34 and ASTM-E1155 Specifications)
  • Floor making capacity : 2,000 sqm per day
5. Reference Projects with flat floors built by TDC:

  • First Solar Factory ( Dong Nam Industrial Park, HCM City )
  • Jabil Vietnam Factory (Saigon Hi-Tech Park, HCM City )
  • Mapletree Business City @ Binh Duong ( Binh Duong New City )
6. Flat Floor Achievement by TDC:
Applying the laser technology and American flat floor making equipment for First Solar Project, TDC has successfully completed a vast RC floor of 115,000 sqm, finished with hardener and epoxy, in 3 months and with excellent quality far beyond the Client’s expectation (FM2-TR34 Specifications).
Based on FM2-TR34 and ACI 117 specifications, the floor TDC made is classified as “very flat floor“, see the Dipstick Report result.


7. M+W Letter of Appreciation:
M+W (Vietnam) Co., Ltd., a member of M+W Group, is the Main Contractor of First Solar Factory project, where Trung Dung Construction is a Sub-Contractor.

M+W Group is the leading global engineering, construction and project management company in the fields of Advanced Technology Facilities, Life Science & Chemicals, Energy & Environment Technologies and High-Tech Infrastructure.

With its competence to link process & automation technologies and complex facilities to integrated solutions, M+W Group primarily focuses on leading companies in the fields of electronics, photo-voltaics, life science, chemicals, energy, automotive, security and communication, as well as research institutes and universities.

M+W Group GmbH is the holding company with heaadquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. In 2010 M+W Group generated an order intake of 2.1 billion Euros and revenues of nearly 1.8 billion Euros.
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