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Corporate Strategy

In fulfilling our clients’ needs as #1 goal, we have set our strategic direction and development:

APPLY THE RIGHT TECHNIQUES & EQUIPMENT:  By combining different solid high-quality construction techniques and state-of-the-art machinery, we assure cost-effective, creative, and highly functional solutions for every task we perform.

ACQUIRE THE RIGHT MATERIALS:  We have an experienced and dedicated team to perform sourcing of required materials for each project to satisfy specifications by clients.  In addition, we also research to provide other alternatives because we believe in giving clients options.

RECRUIT THE RIGHT TEAMS:  For all projects, regardless of scope or scale, we employ our vigorous, field-proven project teams to ensure success. The elected key team members take parts of the project from beginning to successful completion.  These key members are always there to answer any question from clients regarding project-related matters: before, during and after construction. In addition, our managers are creative problem solvers and innovative thinkers from diverse backgrounds. These are the types of people who work at TDC.  Together we are collaborating to achieve goals set by our demanding clients.

ENGAGE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS: Management systems and collaboration platforms have been engaged as effective tools to facilitate our clients, consultants, subcontractors and employees for better team integration, communication and collaboration. Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has also been implemented for this reason.

These corporate strategies have been our guidance to the success of our projects.  This is how we maintain the extremely high level of service that our local and international clients have come to expect.