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Corporate Culture

Enhancing corporate culture is the cornerstone of our day-to-day operations. Board of Management are working everyday to ensure that the working environment at TDC is comfortable so that our employees can focus on contribution to our common goal: bringing the best quality products and services to our clients.

Eight elements of our corporate culture include:


Total Customer Satisfaction:  All TDC employees understand to treat clients’ satisfaction as #1 priority: quality, safety, schedule and budget.


Delivery Consistency:  Consistency is an essential factor in our delivery.  All improvements are based on a structurally-sound practices and solutions, so there should be no surprises to clients’ expectation.


Total Transparency:  Employees are to comply with “Corporate Standards of Conduct”, which focus on honesty and professionalism while fulfilling total customer satisfaction.


Clarification of Responsibility: The Company also implements measures, such as Responsibility Matrix to clarify roles and responsibilities among management teams and all staff to enhance maximum understanding of effective operations possible.   


Tracking of Operations:  We have systems to track our performance and operations to optimize our solutions for clients and prevent any possible risks while fulfilling our clients’ satisfactions.  Corporate Internal Auditors are working closely with Board of Management to ensure effective tracking of operations: office and project sites alike.


Outstanding Leadership:  Every manager at TDC is a trained leader to guide others for personal and professional growth. Our managers would identify insufficiency of skills in every staff, if any, to couch and provide necessary guidance to ensure that staff is adequately prepared to tackle assigned tasks.


Team Togetherness:  We believe that “together each achieves more”.  Therefore, our employees work, build, share and grow together.  Many had started with our company as the first job right after graduation and become some of the most valuable resources in the industry.  These employees have recognized the idea of “team togetherness” at Trung Dung Construction (TDC) as a way of life, and have decided to stay and contribute to our success in serving our clients.


Positive Working Environment: We believe that working in harmony is essential for staff to produce good work results.  Therefore, good working relationships with managers, colleagues and co-workers are always encouraged and motivated. This foundation sets our everyday positive working environment.